Sridevi Home care Puthiyatheru-Kannur

Location: Sridevi Homecare firm is located at Puthiyatheru in Kannur District,Kerala.It is situated 4 KM north of Kannur Town.Our firm is known as the the leading Homecare services provider firm in Kannur.

Our Services:Sridevi Homecare offers verified, trained, experienced and reliable house maids to meets various maid requirement arising in your household including Cleaning, Cooking, Nanny, Baby sitting, Postnatal or Post Delivery Care etc.We promise best and quality home care services in Kannur district.

Why Sridevi?:We provide well-trained maids, caretakers, cooks and babysitters only.They offer excellent care for newborn babies, older adults.We cross check and screen the candidate before we recommend them to suit for residential maid services.

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NameSridevi Homecare
Address:Nr.Stylo Corner
Contact Number:8281509560,6235403970

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