Location: Puzathi Sree Pazhaya Parambath Puthiya Bhagavathi Temple is a Hindu temple located at Kanchirathara(Puthiyatheru) in Kannur District,Kerala.Puzathi Sree Pazhaya Parambath Puthiya Bhagavathi Temple is situated 5 KM north of Kannur Town.The temple is known as one of the oldest and very famous Puthiya Bhagavathi Temple in Kannur District.

Sree Puthiya Bhagavathi is the family god of Maniyani community living here.Devotees are staying here called Goddess Bhagavathi as "Sree Pazhaya Parambath Puthiya Bhagavathi".Puzathi Sree Pazhaya Parambath Puthiya Bhagavathi temple is one of the important Puthiya Bhagavathi temples in Kannur District,Kerala.

Nearest Railway Station:Kannur Railway station(6 KM)

Nearest Airport:Kannur Airport(27 KM)

The temple is having only one SreeKovil.The main sreekovil is of Goddess "Sree Puthiya Bhagavathi",facing east.

Theyyam:Goddess Sree Puthiya Bhagavathi is the main Theyyam.Bhadra Kali,Gulikan,Vishnumoorthy,Veeran,Veerar Kali,Bhairavan,Shasthappan and Uchitta Amma are the other Theyyams.

Festivals:"Kaliyatta Maholsavam",is the major festival of the temple.It held in Medam(3,4,5)-April(16 to 18) and lasts for 3 days.Thousands of devotees participate in the temple during this time.

The Festival will witness the theyyam performances of Puthiya Bhagavathi,Bhadra Kali,Gulikan,Vishnumoorthy,Veeran,Veerar Kali,Bhairavan,Shasthappan and Uchitta Amma.

Other important celebrations are Navarathri,Karthika,Thula Puthary,Pooram and "Samkram Day" in every malyalam month are very important in this Temple and many of the devotees comes in this days for attending the Pooja.

Important Offerings:The important offerings are Chovva Vilkk ,Sandhya Vela and Nercha Kaliyattam.To know the more offering please contact our temple office.

Rennovation works:Now a days many of reconstructions works are needed for the temple.Sepearte Sree Kovil for Sree Puthiya Bhagavathi and others have already constructed.Apart from this many of the other construction like Kshethram Padippura,Pond(Kulam) rework,Temple gate and other works are pending.Devotees may take up any of the renovation work mentioned above or may donate liberally towards the fund. Each and every devotee/well wisher is earnestly appealed to join hands with this noble task of construction/rennovation and reinstalation of the temple help for his /her prosperity and for the blessing of Shree Bhagavathi to this entire humanity.

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