Classy Missy Puthiyatheru-Kannur

Location: Classy Missy is located at Puthiyatheru in Kannur District,Kerala.It is situated 4 KM north of Kannur Town.Classy Missy is presently the leading firm providing fashion designing,stitching & Beautician classes in Kannur.

Our Services:Classy Missy important services are in the fields of mainly Fashion designing and beautician classes.We take great care in helping our customers find the right fit and style to suit their requirements.We also offer finest quality beautician classes in Puthiyatheru and Kannur.if you joining fashion designing course in our firm we have to teach how to styling different types of cloth such as jeans,jackets,womens wear,kids wear,evening wear,knitwear,sportswear ,and the likes.

Other Services:We do Bridal Makeup,Wedding saree designing,Dance Makeup,Bocca Making,Flower making,Mirror work,Embroidery work,Glass painting,Mural painting,Mehandi designing,Wedding gown making etc

Our Motto:We continue to transform the lives of hundreds of people in the District by giving them finest quality training and expert guidance to pursue a career in the beauty and fashion industry.

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NameClassy Missy
Address:M M Centre,Kattampally Road
Contact Number9447798798,7356296779

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